Research and Development


Ø  Our company has been constantly researching and renovating equipment and machinery that not only to produce high-quality fertilizers, but also to provide a safe and healthy work environment for our employees as well as to reduce pollution. By merging our researches and the technology development, our fertilizer products achieve high and stable quality with less being caked, crushed and moisture absorption. Depending on every type of soil, stage of growth of each crop, our products are quick or slow nutrition releasing to improve usage and limit waste fertilizers caused pollution.

Ø  Our company has conducted numerous researches into soil nature, climate, crops, nutrition ingredients and improving each product in order to have appropriate for each type of soil, each stage of growth of each crop. This is accompanied by a series of field experiments conducted by Thien Nong’s experts, partners and farmers.

Ø  In the recent years, we have collaborated with universities, institutes, research station areas, provincial agricultural expansion centers and scientists from inside and outside the country to carry out many research projects, experiments and field experiments in different soils and crops in Thanh Hoa and other provinces. Moreover, we also held many conferences, scientific seminars, field meetings, and training programs in many regions.

Ø  Thien Nong staffs along with the consultation of other agriculture experts, particularly Mr Le Duc Huyen - Chairman of the Board and Mr Le Duc Lien – Master of Sience in Agriculture have created various types of fertilizers that precisely formulated to provide targeted nutrition to suit each specific situation. We recognize that soils, crops and climates are unique and that different fields and crops have different nutritional requirements. Thien Nong’s main products: NPK, NPK+TE, specialized fertilizers, organic fertilizers increase yields, improve crops quality and reduce the environment impact of agricultural practices.