Vision, Mission and Objectives


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Ø  We strongly believe that our business success depends fully on the farmers’ continued profit. We partner with farmers to optimize yields, improve crop quality and nutritional value and increase their incomes.

Ø  In the recent years, we have maintained collaboration with universities, institutes, research station areas, provincial agricultural expansion centers and scientists from inside and outside the country to supplement our internal capacity for specific projects. As the fact that the effectiveness of fertilizer depends on soil type, crops, compositions and features of the products, we have conducted many researches into soil texture, crops nutrition ingredients and product improvement. The researches have resulted in manufacturing Thien Nong fertilizer products with macro, secondary and micro nutrients that appropriate for each type of soil, each stage of growth of each crop. The suitability and efficiency of each fertilizer are considered as our competitive advantage in the marketplace. Most importantly, we are helping to build and lead a movement for sustainable agriculture.

Ø  In order to maintain the quality of existing products and to create new products, Thien Nong has been constantly researching and renovating equipment and machinery. Moreover, our company understands that improving the farmer's knowledge and perception on balanced fertilizer use is totally necessary to enhance farm productivity and profitability. That is why we work on-the-ground with the farmers and educate them the proper use of fertilizers to improve yields and profits, with a lower environmental footprint.

Ø  Thien Nong Company’s objective toward 2020 is to become one of the biggest fertilizer manufacturers in Vietnam, and then Southeast Asia region.